Sam - he loves kisses!

My Furry Valentine...

Love is in the air this month - and it's not just about two-legged kind. Our four legged friends need love too.
(pictured: Sam - he loves kisses! photo by Lisa Szucs)

So if you're looking for that special someone, the one who melts your heart from the moment your eyes meet... stop by the Humane Society of the North Bay. Whether you're looking for a frisky feline or a cuddly canine, we know there’s a special pet who thinks you’re “the one,” too. 

Here are some compelling reasons why an animal valentine may be even better than a human one:*

  • Pets won’t break up with you on Twitter.
  • Pets won’t mock you for eating ice cream out of the carton.
  • Pets don’t care what kind of car you drive.
  • Pets love binge watching “Orange is the New Black” as much as you do.
  • Pets couldn’t care less about your hair or what you wear.
  • Pets love it when you leave your clothes on the floor (instant nap spot!).
  • Pets won’t look at their smartphone when you are trying to have a conversation.
  • Pets will snuggle whenever you want.

Visit HSNB Wednesday - Sunday and meet some purrrfect pets just waiting to offer you their unconditional love. 

*Courtesy of ABC News / Best Friends Animal Society


Looking for a way to give back, but a donation isn't in your budget? Please consider volunteering. Our animals need extra TLC when it's rainy and cold, so there are many opportunities to play with the pups and cuddle the cats. 

If you're thinking of adopting but aren't quite ready for a long-term commitment, open your heart and home to a lonely pet by fostering.  

And come take a peek at our amazing adoptable animals! They're all looking for a forever home. Could it be yours?



You can help our animals all year long...

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